Emulation of Others Beliefs is Suicide

amazing balance blur boulder
Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Pexels.com

When we stop Acting and Reacting from our own Moral Compass it is Veritable Suicide.  We all should have our own Value System.  Not contingent on the moral compass of the Most Popular Kid in Class so to speak.  The person in your current line of vision who is Scintillating your Senses.  Popularity and who is being Admired in Society changes on a Whim.  Our sense of Who We Are and what we want to bring to the world should be Settled.  Engraved in our Being.  We should act from that Moral Code first in our Thoughts.  The Private Chambers of our Hearts.  It should then first Extend to our Families.  Then outwards into the World.  Then we Know we are being True.  True to Ourselves.  Not taking on the Values of Others.

I’ve had Chapters in Life that left me Rattled.  As I Emulated what I thought Others wanted from me.  What would make me Accepted.  The Initial High of Being Accepted was never worth the Empty Feeling of Betraying Myself.

It’s good for me each day to Center Myself.  Remember Who I Am.  What I Value.  I then ask my Creator for Strength to Be those things.  Then I have Self Confidence.  The TRUE kind that can only come from knowing in my very core that I am being True to Myself.  Then I am Content.  Peaceful.  Satisfied.

I Love You All So Much



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