When Skies Are Grey

boat clouds cloudy fog
Photo by Matheus Guimarães on Pexels.com

Today is Overcast.  It’s midmorning and I’m still in my silk pyjamas nursing a coffee.  My kitty is curled up on my knee and watching my fingers move on the keyboard.  I love mornings like this.  It seems the sun being covered by a grey mantle says “Relax.”  I love the ritual of turning on lamplight on days like today.  A perfect jazz music day.  A day for cooking in the kitchen.  My dog Charlie splayed on the floor at my feet.  A day for Art.  For Nesting.  For Meditation.  Long Walks.  The flowers on my porch almost have a look of relief.  Like they are enjoying a lazy morning too.  Charlie is having a big ol sleep in.  She’s still snuggled deeply in her blanket in her kennel.

I love the brightness of a sunny summer day.  But it feels like a reprieve somedays when clouds buffer its rays now and again.  Feeling grateful today for the simple things.  Like a Grey Day.

Love you all


One thought on “When Skies Are Grey

  1. What poetry in this muse today. You may have grey skies overhead, but you have light in your heart and soul 🌦. Love you 💞


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