Sowing in Tears

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Those who sow in tears, shall reap in joy.  Sometimes our lives require us to sow seeds when it’s storming.  On stony ground.  On windswept cliffs.  Maybe the farmer’s almanac says its going to be a horrible growing season.   But we sow anyway.  Those tender little seeds contain life.  There’s hope in the seed of a harvest.  The sower has no control over the condition of the ground.  The weather.  But hope is what motivates the sower.  They’ve seen beautiful fruit come to fruition in seasons past.  They know the potential of the seed.   And their love for the beauty of the fruit and it’s gift to the world is why they sow.

“he that regardeth the wind will not sow.  whoever regardeth the clouds will not reap”

Pay no heed to the sheets of rain.  The dryness of the earth.  The stones that protrude.  Statistics that point to doom.  Gather tenderly the little precious seeds into the palm of your hand.  Those precious seeds from the fruit of generations before.  And scatter them in hope.

One day, you will reap with joy.

I love you.




2 thoughts on “Sowing in Tears

  1. Today, This, among a few other things, as renewed hope and confidence in what we have been promised. “ Faith in the Harvest”. Beautiful writing. If the sower didn’t believe in a harvest, he’d never sow. Thanks again!! Keep sowing.


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