That Word used to make me Itch.  I though it meant Desolation.  Drudgery and Destitution.  I have learned it means Life.  Liberty and Light.  I didn’t understand that the Flow of Life doesn’t truly happen until we are Humble.  Humility opens your eyes  to Blessings.  You see Life as your Ally.  The Dawn as your Friend.  Challenges become Opportunity.  Disappointments become just a Change of Dreams.   Abasing experiences become a chance to prove we aren’t above the Menial, the Lowest Place.  That we can also be Servants. Where we get to feel Resilience strengthening our Core and we find out Hope is truly an Anchor.  I’m Grateful my Heart Still Beats.  I’m Glad today I get to be One in Billions.  Breathing this Oxygen.  On this Beautiful Jewel called Earth.  Spinning in the Milky Way.  The Gift of Humility helps me to See my True Reality.  I want to always nurture Humility.  It helps me see Magic.

Have a Magical Day!

I Love You



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