pexels-photo-917494.jpegDawn for me came Early.  As I sat enjoying the Silence, my thoughts went to my Father.  Silence was a big part of his Life.  Early Morning you would find him on his patio, in his rocking chair, sitting in Silence.  Enjoying the Views of the Okanagan.  Or in his recliner, in the Study, Serene and Silent.  Being in Dad’s Presence made my heart Still.  I felt Safe and Not Judged.  He had a Way of Silently Role Modelling Goodness and Integrity.  Passion and Hard Work.  Words were Few, and Works were in Abundance.  Dad is Gone now.  But as when he Lived, His Silent Testimony of Light and Goodness continues on.  This Morning in the Stillness I’m Grateful for Truly Silent Light.

I Love You Dad.



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