There requires a certain amount of Tension on a musical string for Melody to be made.  For muscles to grow and maintain their Vigor. This applies to all areas of Life.  Tension is Good.

We’re always looking to be Stress Free.  And yes, Stress in crazy amounts Kills.  No Question.  But also so does Stress Free.  Our Lives like our muscles and musical strings go Slack.  They don’t perform to their best Capacity.  We need a little Tension.  Without it Passion ebbs, Drive diminishes and Sparkle refuses to Ignite.  We’re Wired for Battle.  From the Beginning of Time, there has been a need for Survival and even more so to Thrive.  To Soar. To Climb.

All these wonderful States require Pressure.  Resistance.  So Lets Lean In.  Feel the Adrenaline.  Make a Plan. Rosin the Bow. Put your Runners On. Stack the Weights.  Push to Failure. We ALL have the Capability for Amazing.  Thanks My Amazing Friends. Thanks for Inspiring Me. I Love You.


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