Promises of Paris

eiffel tower in paris france
Photo by Nextvoyage on

La Chouette Verte.

Nope. Le Chouette Vert.

Le Chouette Vert means the green owl in French. Of course anyone trying to learn a language is familiar with the little green owl, Duolingo.

Im Trying.

I made a promise to myself I wouldn’t see the Eiffel Tower in real time until I could converse freely and at will with local Parisians.

So in the evenings I conjugate verbs. In my spare time I read French books. Painstaking and often extremely laboriously. But the deeper I go, the more enthralled I am.

I love words as many of you have guessed by now. And French words are just a whole another level of delicious. Like rich Chocolate.

A Rich Chocolate Croissant.

Je T’aime.

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