Parking Zones and other Funny Things


Today was a day for Pantyhose Calamities and Other Trivialities that left me with zero time to walk to work. I regrettably hailed a cab, much to the chagrin of my New Years Resolution Mindset of watching my Pointless Expenditures.

A Lovely Sheik man smiled at me as I tossed my Time Crunched Harried Self into the backseat of the cab.

We talked of the Cold Snap and Calgary’s Bizarre Weather Patterns for awhile until we reached a Pleasant Shared Silence.

I looked up quickly from my phone when he guffawed So Mischievously. He said with his Lilting Indian Accent,

“That woman, she locks up her car so no one will steal it! She doesn’t know the car will leave itself!”

A No Parking Zone. Gosh Darn. Yep. The car will be definitely Leaving Itself!

One thing I’ve come to Love and Expect from Sheik drivers is this Absurd Humor. One that Laughs at Life’s Ridiculousness and the Fallibility of Humanity.

I’ve Learned so much about not taking Life or Myself Too Seriously from my Happy Mustachioed Brightly Coloured Turban Wearing Life Loving Sheik Taxi Drivers.

Laugh It Off Today. It’s all Pretty Absurd.

(Absurd is an Absurd Word, No??)


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