Connectedness is Key

man and women holding hand
Photo by Min An on

Heaven is a place where Connectedness is All Important.  Where One’s Self and the Eternal and Our Fellow Citizens are One.  It states we all have our Separate Bodies, but we are One in Our Spirit.  No Divisiveness.  No Hierarchy.  No Status.

Because of this, Heaven doesn’t Appeal to Everyone.  Those who Love Place and Status would find Heaven Dull.  Some People Find Power more important than Pleasure.  Or that at the very least Power Synonymous With Pleasure.

So Today in Order to Grow to Heaven (Yes, I meant Grow) I want to Start Understanding the Oneness of Our Souls.  Our Connectedness.  I want to Learn to Weep when you Weep and Laugh when you Laugh.  To truly not see Race.  Colour.  Status. Personalities.  Affirmity.  Hierarchy.  But to See Beautiful Humanity.  And the Richness that we Enjoy when we Feel Completely Connected to Every Soul we Meet.  Every Stranger we Pass.  Every Child whose eyes meet ours for a moment.

Nothing is Sweeter than Connectedness.  Nothing Creates More Suffering when we are Divided.

Here’s to Unity in each of our Little Worlds.



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