Dreaming Big Starts Little

abstract blackboard bulb chalk
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We all have Big Dreams.  We all want to Go Places.  We dream of Reinventing, Rejuvenating, Restoring.  Along life’s journey hobbies Get Shelved.  Dreams Too.  The Pertinent and Immediate becomes all consuming.

So Here’s to Starting Little.

Do you want to Climb Mountains?  Let’s Start with Practising Endurance. Without Grit, no mountain can Be Scaled.  Practice Endurance.

At our Careers. In our Homes. In our Relationships.

 Pushing past Comfortable and Into Excellence.


Do you want to be an Artist?  Be okay with Failure.  With the Outcome of your Pursuits being a Caricature of Your Vision.

 Be Okay with Starting Over.  From Scratch. Next time you’ll be Closer to your Masterpiece.


Do you want to be an Inventor?  Be a Creative Problem Solver.

Every Day in the most Mundane Tasks.

Think Outside the Box

When you Clean Your Car.  Do Your Laundry.  Shop for Groceries.

The Greatest Ingenuity comes from Rethinking Old Patterns.


Let’s Start Little to do Big Things.






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