Bird On a Perch

I was sitting at My Perch this Morning.  Enjoying the Happenings on my Street, when Nature gave me a Moment.  A Moment where you Grasp how Truly Amazing life Is.  The Most Darling Little Bird flew in on its Pretty Wings.  And Lighted on the Red Wooden Chair outside my Window.  His little Feathers Shuddered into Place as his Little Feet Struggled to find Level Ground on the Warped from Winter Wood. His face Cocked to the Side as he Studied Mine.  How does a little bird Emanate Such Joy?  How did he have such Ability to Stir My Heart and Make It Leap? I love these Silent Moments that Scream at us to Wake Up.  See Life for the Magic it is.  The Gift of Life is Unspeakable for the Priceless Treasure it is.  I hope Today your Eyes Are Open.  Leave Stress and Worry Behind.  And Enjoy the Earth in its Purest Beauty. Moments are All Around Us. Every Day.

From My Perch and from Little Birds Perch Outside My Window, Have a Magical Day.  For Life is Truly Magic.


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