Heart Goals..


I sent this picture to a few of my favourite people.  I said, ” what I want my heart to look like”.  I found it SO interesting that that was my first thought when I looked at that picture.  So my next question was, “What is it that you see when you look at this picture?”  So from what I can see, here it is…

  • nothing is for show.  someone entered the kitchen and took a picture because the sun rays were beaming in.  the moment of stillness caught on film in a fraction of time.  the brita drink container in its useful ugliness wasn’t even put away for a better shot.
  • it’s not fancy.  nobody has tried to capture the perfection of pinterest in this kitchen. the drawers are melamine.  the fabric under the sink is from a discount booth at a Walmart. but, in my heart,  no “perfectly put together” and Italian marble could capture the essence of this kitchen.
  • all the things I love and matter to me are in this kitchen.  sun rays.  warmth.  love of nature. comfort.  sustenance.  humility.  beauty.  safety. functionality. ease. and most of all, AUTHENTICITY. there’s also a beautiful aged chandelier adding a touch of glamour to the room.


So Yes, I want my heart to look like this kitchen on a summers day.  The window is thrown open.  Cats bask on the window sill.  There’s onions ripening for a family dinner on the counter top.  The unpretentious  brita jug is in plain view.  There’s a touch of glamour in the chandelier adding a touch of celebration to its function. a little indescript clock is marking time.

There’s a chair waiting in the dining nook for you, my friend.

Let’s Share this life Together.

I love you all.


Hinchcliff & Lee

ancient architecture asia bench
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Greatest Gift I can give myself in our Lovely City of Calgary is to take a little wander down to Hinchcliff & Lee. To visit  John and his Shop Dog.  Cash.  After a lovely meander through the Farmer’s Market with Helen yesterday, we met Beautiful Julianna at The Eden for a Delightful Lunch (a blog on that later under restaurants I love).  A few doors down is my  Favourite City Treat.

It’s the most amazing Trip through Asia at Hinchcliff & Lee.  A Second Generation Establishment.  John’s Mama’s Dream Child come to Fruition.  Always greeted by the most gorgeous caramel floaty haired dog, he’s Shop Dog Number Two.  When I first discovered This Gem, Doggie Jack was meeting me at the door.  Now Cash has taken up the torch, a Little Wilder and Floating His Freak Flag more than Jack.  Cash buries his nose in my purse looking for “Cookies”.  He pulls out my passport and has a solid hold.  I’ll Treasure the Teeth Marks.

John is a Gorgeous Soul.  I can’t even Explain It.  So Earnest.  So Engaged.  As Full of Character as his beautiful Asian Antiques.  I love the way he crosses his arms and gets that faraway look in his eyes and you know a Great Story is going to be Told.  An Asian Tattoo (I’ve yet to ask the meaning) scrawled up his forearm.  He pushes up his dark rimmed glasses with his middle finger, and tears fill his eyes.  His Papa has Passed.  We stand sharing his sorrow, tears rimming our eyes as he Gathers his Emotions.  He’s one of those People who make you Glad to Be Alive.  Enjoying this Journey of Life. He’s Got Passion.  Heart.

We wander through the Pergolas.  Paintings. The Heavy Wood Tables and Armoires in the Asian Reds and the Gorgeous Blue and White Porcelain.  Downstairs is another Treasure Trove.  The Weight of History of both the Old Building and Asia Mingling in the Summer Air.   Upstairs the floor is Creaking So Lovely under the feet of other Happy Saturday Wanderers.

I’m Glad it Graces our City.  I Highly Recommend a Trip to Inglewood to Hinchcliff & Lee.  Behind the Wooden Door is the Cutest Shop Dog eating the Sales Tickets.  The Shop Owner John and His Glorious Tales both New and Old.  Asian Antiques that will Take your Breath Away.

It’s Worth the Trip.