Back Story

My Life Journey in Words:


Pain.  Insecurity.  Fear.  My Husbands Secret Cocaine Addiction. Emptiness. Aloneness. CSF Leak.  Hospital Stay. My Husband’s Infidelity. Near Death. Broken. Hospital Stay. Rest. Resolve. Feeble Baby Steps. Counsel. Light. Warmth. Peace. Faint Smiles. Kindness. Joy. Laughter. Hope. Faith. Grace. Strength. Wisdom. Job Opportunities. Team Work. Unconditional Support. Encouraging Mentors. Constructive Criticism. Self Discovery.  Self Confidence. Assuredness. Awareness. Passion. Gratitude.


My Blog is ….

a place where you can find a little nourishment for your soul, a spark to ignite your gratitude and your passion for life.  where your heart can bask in the warm glow of my perspectives and heart wanderings.