My Tribute to Peggie

Our Darling.
Tears Pour Down Silently
A Loss Too Profound for Simple Words
The World Has Lost Some Glitter
Your Lilting Light Happy Whistle
Your Infectious Laugh
Even Through Your Tears
A Fierce Battle
You Fought For Godliness
Not Only For Yourself
But For Others
Your Beautiful Creations with Dear Lane
Young Men Brought Up with a Love for Music
Immersed in the Beauty of the Bible
Young Soldiers Fit for the Battlefield of Life
How Often You Missed the East
Your Sweet Godly Parents, Family and Friends
Your Steady Standbys
Who Bore the Waves With You
How You Spoke of Cathy, Danny and The Girls
“They’re My Angels”, Your Words
Auntie Jean, an Anchor in Treacherous Waters
God’s Ministers You Deeply Esteemed
Animals Were Your Best Friends
Your Tender Love for Every Stray
“Bounce” Always Riding Shotgun


Our Darling
The Seas of Life Against Our Frail Vessels
Are Often Too Much For Any Seafaring Soul
Your Many Cries to Our Own Flailing Ships
To Pray, To Counsel You, To Call Upon Our Saviour
It Was Our Privilege, Our Honour
To Be In The Depths With You.
Now Our Souls See You.
In The Arms Of The One Who Calms The Seas.
Who Ends The Vicious Storms.
Brightly His Sunshine Has Appeared.
Spreading a Beautiful Rainbow Over The Valley Of Tears.
So We’ll Keep Going What E’er Life’s Weather Brings
We’ll Be Brave Because of You, and We Won’t Forget to Sing
As You So Often Sent Us Over These Modern Airwaves
In Spite of Life’s Battering, Videos of You Still Singing
Praises to Our Lord.

We Love You
Is 9 Verse 2, Verse 4
Hosea 13 Verse 14

4 thoughts on “My Tribute to Peggie

  1. This is beautiful, Jeannine! I didn’t know Peggy, just knew her from a distance, but my heart aches for all of you who will be missing her now. Her mom and dad, her boys, all her family – I can’t imagine it. I’ll be thinking of you all tomorrow 💙


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