I Don’t Have Your Life Exam Paper…

photo of four girls wearing school uniform doing hand signs
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I Have Mine. If I just look over your shoulder and copy your answers, I will Surely Fail. My Exam is Tailor Made to the Lessons I’ve Been Learning. After all, My Life Courses were Different. Module One started Different than Yours. I can Guarantee you, my Last Few Modules were different too. Oh Yes, and the ones In Between. So, Your Answers for Your Life are Different from Mine. What works for you won’t necessarily work for me. As much as we are In This Together, we are facing that exam paper Alone. We each have the Master Teacher. He’s tirelessly prepared us for each test. Given us Perfect Counsel. Shown us where and how to Find Success. Not to Just Succeed, but to Flourish and Excel.

Since we ultimately can’t Take Advice from each other, I can Take Courage from your Dedication. Your Humility to Listen to the Teacher. Your Faithfulness to Show Up To Class every day. Basic Class Rules are the Same. Kindness. Love. Forgiveness. Humility. These I’m Inspired to see my classmates Adhere To and Love.

I’m kinda glad it’s just My Paper. To my Teacher, I Pass or Fail. For this, I can Love my Classmates and Remain Autonomous at the Same Time. It’s the Ultimate Freedom.

Good Luck on Your Life Exam, You Got This.


The Family Table

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My Sister’s Home has always been a Refuge.  She’s the Closest Thing to a Saint I know in her Age Group of Women.  A Long Legged Angel. She has the Spirit of an Angel but my Favourite Part of her is her Short Wick. She’s the cutest when there’s an Eye Roll in that Darling Head. She has the deadly quality of Vibing Hard.  When her Heart get Stormy, its never Directed at Anyone, usually just the Sauce Pan.  When Caught, there’s the Smirk and the Wink.  Gosh, I Love Her.  She’s one of those Fiercely Loyal People that Loves Hard and Suffers Long.  She’s the Perfect Mix of Fiesty and Fierce and Gentle and Meek.

She’s a Dynamite Cook.  Simple Comfort Food and Plenty of it.  The best cuts of Meat.  Farmer’s Market Vegetables.  And always Pie.  Most of All, a Sincere Welcome.  And Come Again Soon as you gather your things to leave.

She’s Sat by me and Cried.  She’s dragged me to the Doctor.  The Hospital.  Sat by me Silently and like the Beautiful Guardian Angel she is when I desperately needed her.  Faded into the Background the moment she saw I could and needed to stand on my own feet.

I’ve never heard her speak of other’s Pain in a way to Gossip.  She’s Guileless.  She isn’t Competitive and Self Seeking.  Her Heart loves to Serve.

I’m Grateful for the Family Table.  The offerings of our Beautiful Country laid out before us to Nurture our Bodies.  But mostly, I’m Grateful for the Love and Kindness that I find for my Soul there.  Laughter.  Love and Light.

I Love You Marlene.  I Love all of My Soul Sisters.









Good Morning, Stair People!

Every morning Charlie and I hit the Stairs.  It’s a beautiful ravine behind my house.

woman girl silhouette jogger
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We’ve met the Regulars.  Well, we’ve become the Regulars.  I come to anticipate the breathless good mornings, the quickly uttered encouragement as we pass each other on the various ups and downs.  There’s the Trip Step, we call it.  Invariably someone catches their runner on the nail protruding on Step Fifteen.  We all say in various sentences and with varying degrees of embarrassment and humour  “We gotta bring a hammer…!  Next Time!”  There’s the little rocks left at the top in Piles of Ten.  People sporting them in their pockets like peanuts in the mouth of squirrels. All bumpy and protruding out of their lycra gear.   Loving the ritual of placing Another One at the top.  A Victory Stone.

One man in particular is a unique Stair Person.  He’s someone you see at every beach.  He’s the guy who you admire and are a little incredulous of.  He has mastered the art of “Doing You”.  He’s shirtless and shoeless.  He does his yoga and push ups on the first platform.  Charlie and I have to wait behind him both breathless and panting as he finishes his pushups.  Every time he says “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.”  Hmmm…pretty sure you did, my friend.

The Stairs wouldn’t be the Same without him.  He’s a Little Extra for sure.  But he adds Flavour.  He gives me a chuckle.  He also lets me fly my Freak Flag a little More Wildly too.  Life is boring if the Only People we have around us are Vanilla Flavoured.

Here’s to all Freak Flag Flyers.  Keep Doing You.

Love Ya All.  Go Get Em.  Onward and Upward.




A New Wind Will Catch Your Sail…



My Beautiful Friend is sitting here Contemplating New Shores.  Adventures.  The Challenges that Lie Ahead when there are Unchartered Waters.  I’m so Proud of Her.  The Seas that Lie Ahead couldn’t be More Treacherous than the Ones she’s Endured.  She’s Chartered the Worst in the Last Years.  So much Disappointment.  Delusion.  Treachery.

I love getting her Texts these Days.  So Peaceful.  Surrendered.  Grateful.  Most of all, she is Ready.  Ready for a New Wind to Set Her Sail.  When we are Trusting the Journey to our Faithful Heavenly Father, we can trust there will be Provision.  Safe Harbours.  Sustenance.  And Gorgeous Beauty.  Breathtaking Beauty.  Storms will only Secure our Faith in the Safety Within His Will.

As my mama says, “No matter how deep the water, it ne’er shall overflow.”.

Here’s to Her.

Here’s to Wind in all of our Sails.

I Love you Fellow Sailors.