Delicate Beauty

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There’s buttercups and johnny-jump-ups.  Lady slippers and lily of the valley.  Baby’s breath and violets.  I love this time of year for it’s delicate beauty in spring flowers.  Their intricate little faces gently pressed to the powder blue sky of spring.  The closer you gaze the more their darling quiet beauty takes your breath away. Little veins and pretty puffs of colour along their surface.  Their precious petals like velvet between your fingers.  Their gentle fragrance healing and so welcome after a long dark winter.  Crocus’s bloom on the stony ridges of the Rockies.  Their fragile periwinkle petals swaying in the gusts of summer gales and stretching their sturdy stems up towards the warm spring sun.

I used to love the carpets of johnny-jump-ups in the fields near my childhood home.  After making a bed amongst them and enjoying the buzz of the happy bees and spotting lady bugs labouring up their tiny stems, I would pick some.  Dirt and roots hanging from the little lime green stems.  Their blue and white star faces smiling at me, I would smile back at them as I ran to my family’s kitchen door.  Sliding a chair to the glass cupboard and stretching on my tippy toes to get the vase and then again straightening the chair by the sink.  Grasping my tiny little bundle of joy in one hand, and stretching my young body over the stainless steel sink to turn the water on.  It was such a joy to me to bring my dear mama the first spring bouquet of blue and white wonder.

I’m grateful for the purity we can find in life.  We must grasp onto these precious things.  Human hearts have a longing for the lovely and there’s much to fill it.  If we open our eyes and soften our hearts.

Sending you all a bundle of happy spring flowers in my heart today.

I love you.



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