Didn’t Dodge The Bullet.

ammunition brass bullets cartridges
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Nope, sure didn’t.  Square between the eyes.  Dead Center.  Pretty much worked like a Lobotomy.  I spent a Long Time in Zombie Mode.  Breathing.  Existing.  Hand to Mouth.  Clothes to Work. Work to Bed.  The Cycle Continued.  But out of that Messy Carnage is rising something I could never Prepare Myself for.  Life is New.  It’s Different.  Absolutely Nothing Frightens Me.  Hope is Sacred to Me.  Health is Treasured.  Energy is something I bow my Head and say Thanks for.  Having Strength Left to Serve Others feels Amazing.

So Thank You Lobotomizing Bullet.  I’m Glad I didn’t Dodge You.  I have been Reborn.  Resurrected.  Renewed.

Don’t Hate on Anyone or Anything that Stops You in Your Tracks.   Being in Zombie Mode after the Bullet was one Thing.  But I didn’t know I was the Walking Dead anyway.  In Desperate Need of a Restart.

Thank You for  a Chance to Do Life Over.

Love Y’all


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