Hello, Can I be your Friend?


I haven’t looked out for Jeannine for a long time.  In fact, I feel like I’ve told her,  “Take the back burner honey.”  There’s Surviving to do, Breathing, Tough Stuff like that.  But I’m Ready.  I’m Ready to Start Living.  Passionately.  With Purpose.  I have Hobbies Galore.  Half Learned Languages.  Ok, one eighth learned.  Dusty Canvases.  Forlorn Cookbooks.  My Muscles used to be Tight to the Bone.  I was an Avid Fitness Girl for Eight Whole Years. So my Running Shoes are going on.  Hey, I’m 43, it’s Flipping Time.  Flipping. Time.

Who’s with me?  In the comment section below, tell me one thing you’re going to Dust Off.  Dig Out.  Break Out.  Start Again.  Try Out. Recharge.

Let’s Do It.

Love You.




4 thoughts on “Hello, Can I be your Friend?

  1. I’m with you !!! My hardly used “ new balance runners are going to get some serious walking done👍💃


  2. I dusted off the paintbrushes a few weeks ago and such a good feeling to get creative again! And a walk on the beach today! It’s right there and yet I haven’t done that in months! The sand in my toes and the vitamin D surge was just what I needed! Yes! Take the moments that are deservedly yours to look after you! I am with you, weather it involves sneakers or not!


  3. I’m ready too!! Let’s start with an easy hike and then we’ll see..maybe just more easy hikes coz they are not only good for the body, they are also good for the soul ☺


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