pexels-photo-917494.jpegDawn for me came Early.  As I sat enjoying the Silence, my thoughts went to my Father.  Silence was a big part of his Life.  Early Morning you would find him on his patio, in his rocking chair, sitting in Silence.  Enjoying the Views of the Okanagan.  Or in his recliner, in the Study, Serene and Silent.  Being in Dad’s Presence made my heart Still.  I felt Safe and Not Judged.  He had a Way of Silently Role Modelling Goodness and Integrity.  Passion and Hard Work.  Words were Few, and Works were in Abundance.  Dad is Gone now.  But as when he Lived, His Silent Testimony of Light and Goodness continues on.  This Morning in the Stillness I’m Grateful for Truly Silent Light.

I Love You Dad.



Twilight Of Youth

The Twilight of Youth.  The Dawning of Middle Age.  Im Forty Three.  I’m Enjoying the Sunset on the Horizon of My Youth.  It’s Quite Serene to be Truthful.  Youthfulness is Wonderful.  Truly Something to Be Treasured and Enjoy.  But It’s Busy.  A lot of Vanity.  A lot of Figuring Out.  A lot of Seeking and Shedding.  A lot of Challenges that Build our Spiritual Muscle.  So Imperative as the Sun Sets on Youth that we’ve gained that Spiritual Muscle.  We will Spend a third of our lives in Middle Age.  Our Best Years in my Opinion.  Where we get to Enjoy the Fruit of those Years Of Youth figuring out Who we Are and What we Love. Where Entitlement Ebbs and Gratitude Grows.  Self Absorption has Ended and we are Others Focused.  We’ve Grown in Wisdom and Understanding of What Brings Joy.  There’s a Stillness and a Grounded Feeling to Being Middle Aged.  So Here’s to Sprouting Grey Hairs and Skin that Doesn’t Bounce Back Like It Used to….it’s a Small Price to Pay in light of True Liberty.

Here’s to Middle Age Liberation.

I pexels-photo-66997.jpegLove You.


Bird On a Perch

I was sitting at My Perch this Morning.  Enjoying the Happenings on my Street, when Nature gave me a Moment.  A Moment where you Grasp how Truly Amazing life Is.  The Most Darling Little Bird flew in on its Pretty Wings.  And Lighted on the Red Wooden Chair outside my Window.  His little Feathers Shuddered into Place as his Little Feet Struggled to find Level Ground on the Warped from Winter Wood. His face Cocked to the Side as he Studied Mine.  How does a little bird Emanate Such Joy?  How did he have such Ability to Stir My Heart and Make It Leap? I love these Silent Moments that Scream at us to Wake Up.  See Life for the Magic it is.  The Gift of Life is Unspeakable for the Priceless Treasure it is.  I hope Today your Eyes Are Open.  Leave Stress and Worry Behind.  And Enjoy the Earth in its Purest Beauty. Moments are All Around Us. Every Day.

From My Perch and from Little Birds Perch Outside My Window, Have a Magical Day.  For Life is Truly Magic.



pexels-photo-277253.jpeg“They are the Salt of the Earth”.  I can’t tell you how Often My Beautiful Friend says it.  Walking along the Boardwalk in Victoria.  Speaking of Her Dear Friends.  Pam in Particular. Nadia probably has No Idea how it Stayed With Me.  How I Pondered it.  How it Inspired Me.  Again, on Sunday another Dear Friend spoke of Salt.  The Ultimate Flavour Enhancer.  The Savour of Life.

So how does it Apply to Me, I ask? How can I be Salt to Others? How do I add extra Value to Life for Others?  Do I make their Lives have a little extra Oomph?  Does Joy seem more Full when I’m in their Life?  Is their Step a little Jauntier? Their Smile a little Broader? Does the Sun feel Warmer and Brighter?  Are Sorrows a little Easier, seem a little less Daunting? Do I Motivate, Strengthen and Inspire?

But the Biggest Question is, Can I be that without needing to be Noticed?  Salt gives of Itself and guess who gets the Kudos?  The Cook.  The Recipe.  The Ambience.  The Venue.  The Salt never gets the Praise.  But Yesterday, I didn’t Salt the Chili properly.  I’m telling you, I was sure glad for the Salt Shaker.

So here’s my Chance to Say Thank You.  To My Salt People.  Nadia, You are My Salt Today. I love you Dear Girl.

Thanks for Being Salt.



pexels-photo-88121.jpegThey wanted Pictures of Peace.  My Mom reminded me of a Happening the Other Day.  There was a Commission put out to Artists around the World to Paint a Picture that Manifested Ultimate Peace.  The Paintings were Astounding and Heartwarming.  Beautiful.  Radiant. Peaceful.

One Painting stood out.  The Painting had Brooding Threatening Clouds.  Fierce Winds. Sheets of Rain.  But High on a Branch a Little Bird’s Nest.  And a Little Bird Nestled there Singing.

I’m Thankful this Morning as a New Week Dawns for the Reminder that Peace is Not External.  It is a Choice.  A Choice to Trust.  A Choice to Sing the Songs that are Sweet Melody to Our Hearts.  To Brighten the Spirits of those Close Enough to Hear.  To Understand our Power against any Storm is To Nestle in Our Warm Little Nests…Knowing Brighter Days Always Dawn.  And the Foresight to Know When they Do Finally Come, we will want to Know we Sang in the Storm.

Happy Monday Dear Ones, Thanks for Being Brave Enough to Sing When I So Often Lost My Song.