Fight the Urge to Filter

My Gorgeous Kingly Son said to me “Momma I love you, Please don’t use your Snapchat filter to talk to me.  I love you with your Flaws.” My Heart.  I love Authenticity too. In Others.  But sometimes I still want to just Pretty It Up a Bit.  Scared that others might Love Me Less if they See the Truth. I know my only Hope to Be a Blessing is my Ability to be Real.  But sometimes Vulnerability is Scary.  And Sometimes its Hardest with those Closest to Us. But truly the Only hope of Connection comes through Truth.  Rawness.  Openness. Vulnerability.

So Today I will Fight the Urge to Filter Myself.  Yes I will Wear My Optimism.  I will choose to See Life through the Best Light.  But I will never Try to Appear Better than I am in Real Time. I am Enough.

Thanks my Darling Son.  My Kids are My Best Teachers and Mentors.

I Love You Hunter.  I love All of You Too.


One thought on “Fight the Urge to Filter

  1. Your Hunter is “ top drawer”!! I love him❤️ Youband Paul have beautiful children and human beings. Being real, truly real, create real offspring. I think we’ve hit the jackpot with you💖. Keep it simple and authentic! Love you oxox


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