Waltzing with a Side of Uppercut

I’ve become somewhat of a Dance Fighter.  My Poor Dance Partner is Reeling,  the Last one caught him Square in the Jaw. We’re not talking about Actual Punches Here.  Just Innuendo.  Accusation.  Mistrust. Fear.  It doesn’t Help Reconciliation. So we’ve Decided to sit out a few Dances till I can Handle My Emotions.  It’s Kinda Disheartening that I still got my Dukes Up.  The Reaction of My Dance Partner Melted My Heart.  Our Conversation about it was Full Of Understanding and Love.  He Knows How Scared I am. Why is it so Hard to Just Enjoy the Dance? pexels-photo-285938.jpeg  But you know, our Dear Friends and Family have Given Us the Floor.  Everyone wants us to Find Our Rhythm Again.  We Badly want to Find Our Rhythm.  He is Still the One who Lights My World. His Arms Are Home To Me. So, The Dukes Gotta Come Down. The Heart Has To Stay Open.  We Got to Trust the Choreographer.  This Dance is Our Dance.  I’ll Practice my Left Hooks at Rumble Studio.  The Little Boxing Studio.  Down the Street.

I Love You.

6 thoughts on “Waltzing with a Side of Uppercut

  1. Oh sweetie. You’ve been through so much. Your dukes were up for protection. It will be hard to let them relax. Be kind to yourself. Breathe.

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